Heyzap Developer Interview with OneExtraGames

Heyzap made a Q&A session with us about our game Agony: The Portal . We talked a lot about development and monetization techniques. You can check it out HERE.

1st place in Heyzap's World’s First Virtual Goods Contest!

Agony: The Portal won the World’s First Virtual Goods Contest on Heyzap! We're proud that the game
has been that successful. We did not really expect it to win the contest - simply because of the fact that
Agony had been released back in August while the contest had not started before October.

Agony's success

A month has passed since the release of our first official game "Agony: The Portal".
We are proud to have it made to the 3rd place in monthly contest on Kongregate
and 2nd place in weekly contest on Kongregate. On Newgrounds we reached the 3rd
place in daily contest.

Our game achieved in ratings 4.14/5 on Kongregate and 3.84/5 on Newgrounds.
The rating on Newgrounds would have been better if we hadn't used Newgrounds
for beta-testing. However, the beta-testing on Newgrounds was very valuable.

Now that our game was quite successful on these major platforms, we are going to
distribute Agony to all other sites, including bigger sites like ArmorGames.

Agony Thumb

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